Saturday, November 25, 2017

Easy way to know tweeter speaker polarity

Easy way to know tweeter speaker polarity

Easy way to know tweeter speaker polarity - In another my blog page, I ever discussing about how to knowing polarity of woofer speaker (but difficult for tweeter speaker).
And in this article I will try to discuss about it.
I wrote this article to answering the reader question and that question was "how to know the polarity of a tweeter speaker?".
From that question, made me think hard to answer it.. how to know the polarity of tweeter speakers in a simple way!

For to know it, is same as to knowing polarity of woofer speaker or another.
The way to know that is by seen the movement of the speaker leaf, and on this tweeter speaker that way is not applicable anymore, because that movement was invisible.
We do not know the difference, although we press it with strongly because the materials used are harder.
So, that movement wasn't feeling.
Is different from the woofer speakers, they are more flexible and more visible movement.

From some experiments, Finally I have found a way to know this problem in a easy and very simple way
The way to know it is same as I wrote in another article
Read too: Easiest way to know the speaker polarityFirst step, positioning the tweeter speaker facing up.
And then place a small bolt upon the cone (if the magnetic force is too strong and the bolts always sticking, use other objects).

Next, this time we will use a slightly higher voltage (± 3 volts) and do not use more voltage than that Because it is feared will damage the speakers.
Attach each end of the voltage cable to the tweeter speaker terminal.
Let's say the left terminal is negative polarized voltage (-) and the right terminal is positive polarized voltage (+).

See the bolt, first time when we touch the voltage on the tweeter speakers!
If the bolts on it look like a little jumping, then this is the correct polarity position.
Because the leaf speaker will spontaneously move forward and push the small bolt that was on it earlier.

Inverted polarity position.
When we put the voltage in reverse position, the small bolt will look like a little jump when we release the voltage on the speaker tweeter speakers, and this is the wrong polarity position.
Because initially the leaf speaker moves inward and will move to the starting position when the voltage is released and this will push the small bolt on it, and it happens when the voltage is removed from the terminal.

That's the conclusion of the experiments I've done about Easy way to know tweeter speaker polarity
May be useful..