Wednesday, November 8, 2017

How to care for speakers

How to care for speakers

Hello audio lover..!, this time the author will try to share a simple tip how to care for speakers properly.
For fans of audio.. no stranger to him, what is the speaker?
This one device is very important.
In working order, the speakers are the last order and the determinants of the sound quality to be generated.

It is unfortunate that the speakers that we have become quickly damaged, do not last long, produce a sound that is not perfect as we first bought it.
Indeed, the damage from these speakers can start from a user mistake
Also read: How to test if speaker is damaged or notHere are some simple tips, how to care for speakers, so that we have more durable speakers last longer.

1. Shrink the volume before turning off or activating the audio device.
It aims for the speakers do not work spontaneously, things like this will damage the spool / coil in the speakers.

2. Do not turn on the audio device with a very loud sound (over) until the speakers produce a defective sound.
Things like this will be able to damage the speakers because it forces the work of the coil.

3. On the use of radio with manual tuning, look for a radio station that "tuned" only..
When the radio station is not "tuned" it will sound defective and this will provide a defective signal also on the windings of speakers.

How to care the speakers

4. On the use of MP3 input, use mp3 with bitrate at least 128kbps.
Because, the bitrate below 128kbps is still not able to produce a perfect sound, sounded a lot of defects in low Freq and high.

5. Placement of speaker box.
Putting the speaker box is like putting other electro equipment.
Place it in a place away from the heat and damp or runny place.

6. Observe the speaker power.
This is for those of you who use speakers and power units with different brands and power.
Use a power unit with an estimated ± 25% greater power than the speaker power.

Hopefully useful..