Wednesday, November 8, 2017

How to remove noise on amplifier circuit

How to remove noise on amplifier circuit

In addition to low frequency oscillation interference, the most common problem when assembling an amplifier is a high frequency interference.
These symptoms are marked by a hissing sound on tweeter speakers.
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• Interconnect cable
These interconnect cables are like microphone cables, audio cables or RCA cables.
Try disconnecting the interconnect cable first, so the audio device is on without any input signal.. then hear, is there a high-frequency sound still heard there?
If no sound is heard again, try replacing the cable with a better quality cable.

• Passive components
Basically, the processing of sound / tone control / equalizer system is a combination of resistor and capacitor values.
Try to replace that passive components.
Replace the existing "carbon resistors" with the "metal film resistors".
And replace the existing capacitors with the better quality as well.
Capacitors with Pico farad range are generally made of ceramics, replace them with the paper capacitors.
And capacitors with a range of Nano Farad values are generally mylar replace with MKM capacitors, MKT (box shaped usually yellow or blue color).
And the uF value capacitor (elco) replace it with the Tantalum capacitor.

• Active components
Another cause of noise is from the active component itself.
Try to replace existing active components with the number one quality component or replace by taking some components from the build-up device or from the original device that can still be used.

That is a small note from me, about how to get rid of "the noise" in the circuit.
May be useful..