Friday, November 10, 2017

This is what causes the bass sound to be weak

This is what causes the bass sound to be weak

On this occasion, the author will try to review some things that cause the bass tone to be weak.
Frequently moved audio devices or consists of several separate units sometimes the sound quality becomes be changed.
The resulting bass tone is not stable anymore like first bought it from the store.
Though the owner never fix or replace the components of the device.
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Space and corners.
Because the device often changes position the sound will change as well.
Can be said, we are not aware that we have moved to a larger place than before.
So that the power amplifier does not seem powerful, because the more spacious the room, than the power amplifier also requires more power to make it sound stronger.
Another if the occupied space is more narrow than before.

The corner of the room also has an effect on this.
Can be said, the corner of the room is a good sound reflector.
You can experiment with putting the speaker box in the corner of the room or in the middle of the room.
Which one is better at producing bass tones?

Placement of speaker box.
The placement of the speaker box is fairly important.
Try to place it separately, the sound will sound more powerful and will feel more alive because of the stereo effects that seem to surround you.

Cable and speaker polarity.
The cable is also a supporting component of sound quality reproduction.
As you know, cable is the means of channeling.
As in the law of electricity, a good cable to conduct an electric current is a cable that has a large body.
Good quality cable can be seen from the number of fiber wire more and also the type of materials used.

After cable quality and material type, which is not less important is the polarity of speakers.
This is often forgotten, placing cable with reversed polarity, is like reversing the work movement of the speaker leaf.
The sound will sound slightly less powerful.
If you're a professional audio enthusiast, just by listening to it you can already know where speakers with reversed polarity and which is not reversed polarity.

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